Excuses! Excuses!

Recently, it occurred to me that teachers no longer hear the excuse “My dog ate my homework.” What they hear now is, “I don’t know what happened, but after I added more RAM and inserted the graphics card, 1 turned to say something to James and my hard drive crashed and erased everything!” 1 know […]

Honey, It’s Not Personal!

One of the interesting things in life is the number of facts we know to be true but forget each day. For instance, we know that accidents happen, that you never know what fate has in store for you. But still it comes as a shock when the man down the block falls off the […]

Resolutions Big Enough for a New Millennium

I am happy and buying Champagne, and enjoying the fact that I am lucky enough to be alive for something so huge and extraordinary as the changing of the millennium. I actually think it makes us all more important in that it makes us historical figures: We are now, forever, the people of the earth […]

Asking For A Sign

I start my new year with a memory of autumn, and that horrible day. I have just moved back into the city from the suburbs. I am in my apartment, which is not an apartment really, as apartments are where people live, and no one could live here. There are no bathrooms, no kitchen, and […]

The Treachery of Time

I got word from a newspaper—the same way many Americans did—that Princess Diana had died. That morning, I got up and went out to my front lawn to pick up the thick hunk of Sunday papers, plastic-wrapped against the dew, and there was the picture and the headline, and I realized with a start that […]

After Anita Hill

I have a scoop: u.s. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the longtime woman in his life, Ginni Thomas, were married recently in a small, private ceremony in a steak house in Tysons Comer, Virginia. Well, actually, they were married long before they got there and were, in fact, out to celebrate their anniversary. He […]

Kids are born conservative

Like a lot of people with children, I find dinner to be a challenge. If my son ran our house, every single night of our lives we would have Kraft macaroni and cheese and a can of Coke for dinner. Then, after homework is finished and we watch TV, we would have powdered doughnuts and […]

Daydream Believer

I am daydreaming about daydreaming. This is for me delightful, as I don’t have time to daydream anymore. I am a mother, a worker, a friend, a daughter, and a sister. People rely on me for, to narrow it down to the essentials, love and work. There is no time to sit back and allow […]

The Realest Show on TV

I read a newspaper article recently about the various TV sitcoms and dramas that have been criticized in the ongoing debate about eroding family values. I read it with the kind of half attention people bring to the subject, for it is a confused and confusing one that, for most of us, is decided by […]

Hooked on Horoscopes

I have a vice that is actually more in the nature of an embarrassment, or maybe I should say a compulsion. When I mentioned it to some friends recently, my shame deepened because they didn’t see it as a vice, and thought I was just being prissy. The vice? Astrology. I read my horoscope every […]