Why We Already Miss the Gipper

When Steve Forbes announced for president last week, he said Republicans have an “empty feeling” about the ’96 race, and it’s true. They’re poised for victory, it’s a Republican year, they’ve already won the Congress, and yet . . . they’re frustrated. There is an absence, a lack, this presidential year. Will Newt run? Will […]

A Time to Get Serious

MEMO TO: The President FROM: Noonan RE: Your acceptance speech Mr. President, remember the scene in that movie you liked, “Moonstruck,” in which Cher slugs the very fine and decent but also dispirited Nicolas Cage and says, “Snap out of it!”? That is our text for today. You are George Herbert Walker Bush and you […]

Behind Enemy Lines

The veteran political reporter R. W. Apple had the blues. He was sitting in the makeshift New York Times bureau off the convention floor, hunched over his laptop computer, looking the way Tom Wolfe once described Jimmy Breslin—like a bowling ball radiating steam. “These Democrats,” Apple groused. “Aren’t they acting like . . . Republicans?” […]