The Democrats Have Had Their Fun. Now It’s Time to Rumble

The past few months, heartland Republicans have felt like hitchhikers on the highway of life, watching big black limousines speed by. The limos have been full of happy Democrats on their way to The Fight. Democrats clinking glasses and placing bets on Dean in five, or Kerry with a TKO. Democrats having a ball. Zoom. […]

How to Read Bush’s Body Language

Here is what you should know about George W. Bush as you ponder his surprising vow that “not over my dead body” will he accept a tax increase: The phraseology was impromptu but the philosophy was thought through; it was utterly political and completely principled; and he was both winging it and thinking strategically. The […]

Here’s My Advice To ‘The Laz’

“You may remember I was always for Lazio. I never thought Rudy was really right for it, I was pulling for Rick.” So said a former Republican official and party donor about Rick Lazio, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new opponent in the race to be senator from New York. In fact I didn’t recall his enthusiasm, […]

Red Meat And Astroturf: Decoding The Convention

In Houston last week, the delegates heartily repudiated Bushism in their platform and unanimously renominated George Bush at their convention. They had unity right from the start. They all arrived depressed, and they all left feeling better. Now the race is a race, and the ambivalence is about to become energy. After all, nothing inspires […]

The Eye of the Beholder

The novelist and journalist John Gregory Dunne once described himself as “one of life’s neutrals, a human Switzerland,” but he sure got over it. This collection of his essays, magazine pieces and book reviews is full of sharp, tough prose-he is a wonderful writer, wry and educated-that is funny, mordant, acerbic and depressed. He’s on […]