The Operatives’ Failure

The Washington Post has a new Romney campaign postmortem. Pull quotes: “The Obama guys put more lead on the target and were buying their bullets cheaper,” whereas the Romney campaign “had an insular nature that left it closed to advice from the outside.” This isn’t really new, but after the ORCA debacle it’s another data point that makes the big picture clearer. Question: Why would hedge fund billionaires and wealthy entrepreneurs give to GOP and party-affiliated groups in 2014 and 2016 after the party’s professional operative class turned in this performance in 2012? When the wealthy give to a party, they are investing in it, and they want a return. At the very least they want to know their money was spent well. I mentioned this to a member of Congress the other day, who was surprisingly unconcerned. At the end of the day, the member said, we’re what contributors have so they come back. I’m not so sure.